Website Design and Development

Open Wave Digital provides simple, no-hassle website design services. We offer multiple webhosting platforms from WordPress to custom websites, all hosted on Digital Ocean Virtual Private Servers running on an all-SSD cloud. With every website we provide basic SEO work for free to help get you into search engine results. Ready to get started?

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Campaign and Marketing Strategy

Open Wave Digital offers you the opportunity to gain access to advanced campaign tools for social media and online marketing that will fully integrate with and enhance your current strategies. Open Wave Digital leverages technology and social media platform API's to affordably provide powerful benefits to supervised automation and guidance that is tailored to your campaign goals.

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Webapp Development - C'est Vrai

Using Django Open Wave Digital has helped develop a custom web application for investigative journalists that scans a database searching for relationships between politicians, developers, lobbyists and other entities, and produces a report that provides sourced information. The web application currently features a log-in section, a SQL database with a half million entries, and several pages containing different views which produce information for individual entities or shows the relationships between two entities. We are also adding a comments and notifications section to improve user experience.

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Advance SEO Strategy

Our developers will optimize your website by creating landing pages to attract traffic and utilizing additional external websites to provide quality inbound links or backlinks. We will use Google Webmasters Tools to optimize results, along with top-ranked plugins such as Yoast.

Working together we will support the messaging you want to deliver to promote your product or service, your company and your image, and conduct keyword research to get your website found. We can provide additional marketing support by helping you start newsletter subscribers, so you can initiate newsletter campaigns to support your business goals. SEO is one of the most important, but often overlooked, aspects of website development.

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Cloud Storage and Other Services

We offer encrypted cloud storage on Nextcloud. Nextcloud is a personal cloud storage platform that prioritizes privacy and security through encryption and other technologies. Nextcloud cloud servers can be set up locally, or maintained by Open Wave Digital. With Nextcloud you do not have to worry about your unencrypted data being held by a third-party. Many plug-ins are available for Nextcloud, including video conferencing and collective document editing.

Additionally, Open Wave Digital offers a variety of other services from web app development to GIS and web mapping. Let us know what you need. We will build it for you.

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