26.4% of internet websites are run on Wordpress, which is perfect for small businesses, e-commerce stores, single-issue websites, and blogs. We provide flexible and highly customized Wordpress hosting. There are thousands of plug-ins available to tailor your website to meet your exact needs. The most common plug-ins allow for easy SEO management, email list maintenance, and firewall protection. Our developers will work with you to customize any Wordpress themes to your desired aesthetic.


We can design a Squarespace website, an easy-to-use content management system, for you and connect it to a custom domain. This option is perfect for community news websites or personal blogs. Once set up, a Squarespace website allows for easy maintenance. Squarespace permits websites to accept donations from the Stripe payment service, and there is an option for creating an online store. Squarespace offers you a low-maintenance alternative to Wordpress.


Ghost is a new lightweight and minimalist blogging platform. It is easy to use and lets you focus on writing, instead of website administration. The Ghost blogging platform is built using the popular JavaScript framework Node.js. Node.js allows for highly responsive and fast websites and applications, and is currently preferred by developers for web application development. To learn more about Ghost, please see this blog post.


Popular among developers, Bootstrap is a powerful platform, created by Twitter, that allows for flexible mobile-first responsive designs. was built using this platform. Bootstrap is a CSS and JavaScript framework developed by Twitter that allows for flexibility and stability across different sized screens and devices. Bootstrap has many extensions available and is highly customizable.

Other Services

Cloud Storage

Nextcloud is a personal cloud storage platform that prioritizes privacy and security through encryption and other technologies. Nextcloud cloud servers can be set up locally, or maintained by Open Wave Digital. With Nextcloud you do not have to worry about your unencrypted data being held by a third-party. Many plug-ins are available for Nextcloud, including video conferencing and collective document editing.


Open Wave Digital can help you set up and administer an e-commerce store on both Wordpress and Squarespace. We will help provide and manage SEO to direct traffic to your store. E-Commerce services are provided through a customized Wordpress or Squarespace page. Using the Woo-Commerce plug-in on Wordpress, we will provide clients with a fully-functional online store, capable of receiving payments through paypal, debit, or any other method.

Advanced SEO Strategy

Our developers will optimize your website by creating landing pages to attract traffic and utilizing additional external websites to provide quality inbound links. We will use Google Webmasters Tools to optimize results, along with plugins such as Yoast. Our work will support the messaging you want to deliver to your customers that will promote your product or service, your company and your image. We can provide additional marketing support by helping you start newsletter subscribers, so you can initiate newsletter campaigns to support your business goals.

GIS and Web Mapping

Open Wave Digital offers custom web maps that can display information and markers on certain locations. This is great for chain stores or businesses wanting to show their work geographically. Custom web maps also can help visualize the locations of services and events.