Campaign and Marketing Strategy

Open Wave Digital offers you the opportunity to gain access to advanced campaign tools for social media and online marketing that will fully integrate with and enhance your current strategies. Open Wave Digital leverages technology and social media platform API's to affordably provide powerful benefits to supervised automation and guidance that is tailored to your campaign goals.

Advanced Social Media Strategy

We leverage social media platform APIs and data analytics produce insights, stregthen outreach, and streamline your campaign's workflow.

Integration With Email and Phone

Using our advanced social media strategy and other tested methodology we will target constituents and help grow your listserv and phone tree.

Single Issue Website

We will deploy a special purpose website to inform constituents about important issues, with the goal of creating a strategic advantage for the campaign.

Our Framework

  • Express the kind of organization you are. Open Wave Digital will provide a clear image of your organization. By building websites that are intuitive and that easily convey your message to your visitors, we can establish and enhance your organization's reputation and goodwill.
  • Connect your organization with ideas. Open Wave Digital will help you be bold, yet appropriate. By defining a creative strategy, we will provide consulting services that will develop concepts and distill the best ideas to promote your organization and your marketing goals.
  • Serve as a conversation for building a public following. Open Wave Digital will create a rallying point to influence decision makers. By deploying tools, such our development of special-purpose websites, our computerized autodialer that can deliver pre-recorded messages, and our software that can control Twitter accounts, we can launch an integrated campaign that can reach the public via targeted channels.
  • Provide consistency in communication over social media in a manner that gives you valuable insight. Open Wave Digital supervises its use of Twitter software to verify the appropriateness of all social media interactions. By using human monitoring of its Twitter software, we extend your organization's reach with the public in one-on-one conversations that help you understand the needs, preferences, habits, and aspirations of your target audiences.

Media Support

Our online marketing services can include offering you media support in the form of distributing your press releases to our media contacts to promote your new website, product or service, or special event. Your business can benefit from media exposure, and we will work to make sure you get it.

Newsletter Campaigns

We publish periodic newsletters to the business community. We can offer to include information about your new website, product or service, or special event in our newsletter. This will allow you to reach important business people in our newsletter audience. Please get in touch with any questions about our additional services to see how we can help you or your business.

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