Our Team

Michael Synan

Michael has over a decade of experience developing websites, using open-source software, and administering web and email servers. He recieved a Master's Degree in Urban Studies and specizlized in GIS and spatial data.

Web designer Michael Synan

Louis Flores

Louis has been a webmaster and consultant for over a decade. He specializes in Python and SEO consultation. Louis is also founder of Progress Queens, the government transparancy news website.

Webmaser Louis Flores

Our Philosophy

Open Wave Digital is committeed to open-source software, empowering clients through knowledge and transparency, and developing communications solutions built on modern technology that make sense functionally and financially.

About us

Based in Queens, NY, Open Wave Digital works hard not just to bring modern web services to the community we serve, but also helps consult, spread awareness about internet security and privacy, and is contanstly looking for partners and collaborators.

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